Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome to the New Solar Alerts Blog! :)

I just wanted to take a moment to personaly thank everyone for swinging by and taking a peek at our new blog
We are making this for you! so that we can all have a nice solar page we can all call home
On top of all the other places we talk to each other or view daily, we can now come here and talk openly and freely about whatever solar/space issues we have.
We also now have the blog set up for easy viewing from your iPhone or Android

This is an open blog, so please feel free to invite anyone you wish :)

Chime in on the comments and say hello!

adding my blog claim token here


  1. well said solen queen :)

    added a movie/ growing Region 1391, 1392/93

  2. Hi NINz,

    fixed was only you have admin rights!

  3. thanks IWTB :)

    and thanks Anonymous ^^

  4. hello all, thanks for letting me know you were here NIN...I will lurk as usually :)AA

  5. awesome to see you here miabelieves :)


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