Friday, January 13, 2012

Sunspot Update , Disturbance + Solar activity

    We need another Update one reason is the fresh numbered Region 1396. Its rapidly growing, as we can see on the posted vid below.  The Region to the southeast we talked about this before, will  get numbered soon (possible 1397). And a new Region close to the south of Region 1395 emerged. And finally we can see the active Region which produced the long duration flare on SDO images. Its just behind the east limb and will rotate in soon.

     Some of our followers noticed a geomagnetic disturbance yesterday. Thats true but the K-index never went higher than 2. This was caused  by effects from CH492 which rotates out of earth view days ago. We expect  quiet to unsettled conditions on January 15-16 due to effects from CH493 which is in earth facing postion.

We had some small c class solar flares today. Source was the active Region just behind the east limb. And a B-flare from a new region which is rotating in on the south east limb.

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