Friday, January 13, 2012

USAF/NOAA Report, New Sunspots numbered


   UPDATE-22:35 UT - USAF/NOAA Report of Solar and Geophysical Activity 13 January 2012

Solar activity has been at low levels for the past 24 hours. A filament channel eruption was observed around 12/2130Z in the northern hemisphere around Region 1396 (N26E18). In connection with this event, a CME was observed in LASCO C2 imagery at 12/2136Z.


 This CME appears to be non geoeffective. Two new Regions have been
numbered in the past 24 hours, Region 1397 (S20E28) and Region 1398
(N13W08). Both regions are magnetically classified as beta.

IB. Solar Activity Forecast:

Solar activity is expected to be at
low levels for the next three days (14 - 16 January).
IIA. Geophysical Activity Summary 12/2100Z to 13/2100Z:
The geomagnetic field has been at quiet to unsettled levels for the
past 24 hours. Measurements by the ACE spacecraft indicated the
arrival and continuing presence of a coronal hole high speed stream
(CH HSS). During the passage of this CH HSS, solar wind speeds
started out at around 400 km/s, peaked around 550 km/s, and were at
450 km/s, at the time of the report.n
IIB. Geophysical Activity Forecast: The geomagnetic field is
expected to be at predominantly quiet levels for the next three days
(14 - 16 January).

III. Event Probabilities 14 Jan-16 Jan
Class M 05/05/05
Class X 01/01/01
Proton 01/01/01

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