Saturday, January 21, 2012

CME arrives as expected.

    At approximately 04:01 UTC the CME that accompanied the January 16th LDE C 6.5 flare from Sunspot Region 1402 arrived.  At 04:01 ACE data showed an increase in proton density from 1.6 P/cc to 8.3P/cc and an uptick in the solar wind from 301.1 K/ps to 343.5 K/ps. This is just the first in a wave of CMEs expected over the next couple of days. This CME is only expected to give a glancing blow, as the majority of it will sweep past Earth in a northward direction. We will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of a larger double CME wave that was associated with the M3.2 LDE on thursday the 19th.  The Next CME is expected to arrive Sunday into Monday UTC. Be sure to check back for updates on these developing events.
The original post on this LDE  flare and CME can be seen here.


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