Friday, January 13, 2012

Solar Update Jan. 13th 2012 - New Sunspot + Prominence

    The new Sunspot to the east (close to 1395) gets numbered over night as Sunspot Region 1396.
We noticed some changes at Region 1391. There was a quick development in the southern part of the leading spot section. We can also see that the magnetic structure formed as well. Reporting Soleninfo  a chance of  M flare is given from this region.
Region 1395 decayed a bit and produced a C 1.5 at 00:58 UT. Another flare comes from that incoming region which produced the  long duration flare yesterday. A new Region emerged to the southeast.

     Colored  SDO/HMI Quick-Look Magnetogram:

    Here we have the latest SDO AIA 304. We can see the Prominence lift off to the north and the beauty magnetic post-eruptive loops (long duration flare yesterday) on the east limb. The large Prominence on the east is stable so far
Here we have a illustrated small guide about magnetic loops.
What happend in a solar flare(Find more in our guide section to the top)?!


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