Wednesday, January 18, 2012

M1.7 Flare From Sunspot Region 1401

   We just has a M1.7 solar flare from sunspot region 1401 peaking at 19:12 utc. We will update if there was a CME associated with this flare. If you are having issues viewing posts, try viewing the site with Firefox. I believe there is a bug issue with IE browsers on this blogger platform. When using Firefox, everything runs smooth 


  1. Been waiting all day!!! Great blog guys!!! "LooK'n"

  2. hey thanks!!
    nice to see you over here :)
    now to wait for STEREO to update to see if there was a CME

  3. And followed a C5....any word on a CME with the M flare.?? I am on my phone..can't search much with it....LooK'n


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