Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Region 1402 says "bye" but not without flaring

   We have C5.8 and a C7.9 solar flare from sunspot region 1402, one right after another.

*The first flare was a C5.8 that peaked at 00:36 UTC Jan 26th.
The background Xray level slowly dropped to C1.7, then went on the rise again at 01:40 UTC.
*The second flare was a C7.9 that peaked at 01:49 UTC Jan 26.
   Sunspot regions 1401 and 1402 are now on the Northwest limb and will soon rotate off the western limb out of a Earth facing view. But not without a last "Good bye"! We will have to wait around 20 days for these two very active regions to rotate back in Earths direction

 We also noticed some ejection on SDO


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