Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finally Some Solar Activity


Earth is to the Left in this image

There was a  large gap in STEREO data, but it is now updating. The 1st images get see show that there was a large CME on the farside (non earth facing side) of the sun. Here is the 1st image we see after STEREO started updating again

Here we see this CME on LASCO C3
                                          Stereo Behind C2 and Stereo Behind EUVI 195
                                          shows us: it was another farside event

Finally some solar activity
 a C 4.9 Flare peaks at 02:27 UT

located at possible Region 1386 which rotates out of view soon

Latest SDO AIA 304 shows it up:

and a close up:

I guess we can confirm this possible Region^^
(edit: im sry was a bit early yesterday, if you look a bit closer, you see the flare is behind 1388)
Good night all we have nearly 04:00 am here...:)


  1. Good Morning,

    added latest Stereobehind EUVI Vid

  2. good morning :)
    i have been up all night and its now 5:30 am here haha :/
    im off top bed
    nity night!

  3. haha you hard worker!

    and wow thats if you get up i have my brake :)

    good night and i see you change the style a bit!!! rly nice


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