Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sunspot Activity Update for Jan. 10th 2012

    We noticed some significant Solar change over the last time. Sunspot Region 1391 increased in magnetically complex to a  Beta-Gamma type group. Region 1393 grows again a bit in size, from 250 to 520 millionths but lost a little penumbral area and displayed so far no significant changes otherwise. Region 1389 was quiet and rotates to the southwest limb and will be soon out of view.

    Solar activity was quiet so far. We had a C 1.0 from Region 1393 and a small B 7.1 possible from 1391.  The coronal hole (CH492) in the southern hemisphere is still in Earth facing position. There is a new in the northern hemisphere(CH493). This could rotate into an Earth facing position on January 12. In cause of the Earth facing position from CH492 weak effects from CH492; unsettled intervals on January 12-13 are expected.


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