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 About the authors of 'My Solar Alerts':
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NiNzrez and IWantToBelieve76 have been owners and authors of My Solar Alerts since the site was created in January 2012. 
The My Solar Alerts site was created by us when we seen there was a high demand for accurate up to date news about all solar conditions and how this is currently effecting our daily lives.
We are constantly reviewing new solar data as it becomes available, reviewing solar images, watching for new solar events and report our findings to you. Because of this, we report our findings before many other solar news sites.
Our goal is to continue providing you with the most accurate up to date news and information on all Solar conditions and events, as well as the current effect it is having on Earth.

You can contact us at any time with questions or concerns at

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Thank you for sharing in our passion of Solar events and being a big part of this site that we love so much
- The My Solar Alerts Crew

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  1. Hi! First, thankyou for your website it has been a great source of information. I am wondering if you are going to continue the monthly 'My Solar Alerts' list. A friend of mine relies on these to compare with what she has felt in the past months as she suffers from the radiation that is the result of solar flares (also she can't have mobile phones, flurescent lighting and many other electrical devices.
    If you are discontinuing these lists could you please advise me of any other site that would have similar listing


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