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A compiled list of  Solar Monitoring sites & links My Solar Alerts has put together for you.

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X-ray flux plot (1min data)

NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center

NOAA Space Weather Alerts

NOAA Space Weather Now:

NOAA: 3 day report:
possibilities for an M or X flare over next 3 days:

List of current Solar Flares

Satellite Enviroment Plot - real time

KP Index:

Geomagnetic K-indices

ACE - Real time solar data

Geomagnetic Field:

Aurora Watch:

NICT Real Time Magnetosphere Simulation:

D Region Absorption Predictions (D-RAP):


STEREO -  Images/movies

STEREO - Search

SOHO -- Latest SOHO Images

SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory)

ISWA (CME arrives...)

WSA-Enlil Solar Wind Prediction (new)

SIDC- Solar Influence Data Analysis Center

GONG - Latest Images

LMSAL (Flares)


Sungrazing Comets

EarthCam Reykjavik (watching Auroras)

Aurora Live Alaska (watching Auroras)

Kiruna All-Sky camera (watching Auroras)

Current Solar Activity and Heliospheric Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) Conditions

Japan X-Ray, Magnetometer

Comparison L&P and SDO (A way to determine umbral intensity from the SDO; PDF)

The Dutch Observatory (Filaments)

Coronal Topology and Coronal Mass Ejections

Solar Storms (a growing collection of major space weather events in history)

The Surface Of The Sun

Solar Tornadoes

The Electric Sun Hypothesis

Listen to Magnetic Substorm(Spaceweather Radio)


Big Bear Solar Observatory

BRI Neutron

Kanzelhöhe Ha; Live (Sunspots refreshes every 10sec)

2012 International Geophysical Calendar

Scholarpedia the peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia (entries curated by expert scholars)


SolenInfo (Solar Terrestrial Activity Report)


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