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A list of all Solar Monitoring Features My Solar Alerts offers.

Hello Everyone :)

A short note here before we get to all the new site features.
We have been wanting to do this blog for you for a long time now. It will be a work in progress, but one that we will enjoy doing. We are super excited to finally have it up and running!
We will be working hard on providing you up to the minute solar news before you can find it anywhere else on the net. Because of this we will not be spending much time in promoting the site,
so any help in sharing the site link would be greatly appreciated :) ,
so here we go...

* This site is ran by IwantToBe, 1TomsGod1 and NiNzrez
Our profile contacts are at the bottom of the right hand column.

*Our page has Smart Images
All images on our Home page are displayed in near Real Time. When you click on any of the solar images, you will  be take directly to the site for the image.
(Note: this does not apply to images posted in new blog posts. we will provide links for those)

 *Want to make a comment on a post? You Don't have to sign up!
We now allow posts from non followers as well. On each post, you will see posting options directly after the comment box. Just chose your preference, then click "Publish"
Whala! Done! Easy as that :)

* We have added easy share buttons located at the bottom of every post.
Share a post with your friends on your Facebook, Twitter or Blogger with 1 easy click.
Located directly below these buttons, you can also find the easy Rate buttons for the post.

* My Solar Alerts is now Mobile friendly
Viewing this site from a Mobile phone will automatically give you the Mobile friendly version of My Solar Alerts blog site
You can take a look at the Mobile view here
My Solar Alerts Mobile Version:
- A tab for this is also located on out Home page in the top navigation tabs

* We have added the new Dynamic site view option
This is a quick loading version of the main blog and is a nice choice for those of you that are on a PC with slow connection speeds
You can take a look at the Dynamic Site View here
once there, you will see a drop down menu on the top left with 7 views to chose from)
- A tab for this is also located on out Home page in the top navigation tabs

* Don't want to sign up as a follower? That is OK too!
You can still receive up to date Alerts of all new posts from My Solar Alerts
There are a few ways you can do this:

1. Add our RSS/ATOM feed to your browser feeds
You can do that by adding the RSS/ATOM feed's here
RSS Feed:
ATOM Feed:

2. Subscribe to our Email Alerts
you can find the "Alerts by Email" button for this on our Home page on the right hand side
Enter your email, then click the Submit button

3. Add our email to your email contacts
By adding our email to your contacts, you will receive automatic updates of all new Solar Alert posts :)
(not to sure yet if this works with any other email providers beyond Hotmail)

We also report on any significant Earthquake activity, as many believe this is directly related to solar activity.

Thanks Everyone :)


  1. Hey NiN.

    Still having trouble veiwing comments. Using IE and my Yahoo info. and if I click on the link for comments at the bottom of the posts the site locks up. I'm not a firefox fan, so waiting for my husband to figure it out for me. He has Google Chrome and had no issues posting and then viewing. I'm an IE fan because I have a zillion favorites.


    1. im on IE as well for the very same reason, though i use Firefox for some things, like posting here. I am looking into the IE bug issue and hope to have it fixed very soon. sorry about this :/

  2. NiN.

    No apologies! Did you make some changes? I was able to get back in to the comments ....let's see how this goes.

    P.S. Not sure about your team's (Yourself, Tomasgod and IWTB) experience in websites and blogs from an IT standpoint. I have a handy husband that is an IT Manager (and currently an unemployed one). Let me know if you need any help in that area. He has his own blog/website and said he was having very similar issues. Sorry we didn't get to finish the conversation.

  3. Seems like it's working for me now so posting this here to double check.

    Thanks for putting up with all my pleas for help!

  4. so glad to head its working now!
    thanks for the offer of help
    sadly, most all the back end operations of the blog are closed and can only be looked at/fixed by the main blogger operators
    so when there is a issue like this, we have to send in a support ticket
    even if we know what the issue is and how to fix it
    kinda sucks, but all part of being on a platform that's not your own

  5. Yes, but in the end, it takes a lot of the headache away from you, so probably good in the end!

    Happy I can post now!

  6. NIN, IWTB, TG!,

    Just dropped over for the first time...GREAT-Looking site!! It will probably take a couple of days worth of wandering around to see/comprehend it all, looking forward to exploring this creation.
    Thanks bunches for your awesome efforts!

  7. I stumbled across this site on my phone while googling around to figure out why my GPS was having trouble. Great site! I'll be spending some time exploring it!

  8. You can sign-up for the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center's Product Subscription Service.

    And the alert meanings are shown here:


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