Solar Q&A /Guides

A compiled list of Solar information sites & links My Solar Alerts has put together for you.

My Solar Alerts Authors and how to contact us


List of NOAA Space Weather Scales

Where is STEREO A & B right now?

What planet am i seeing on STEREO images?

What is going on in the SOHO images?

What is a Coronal Hole?

What is geomagnetic sudden impulse alert?

What is the Solar Phi Angle seen on ACE?

What are the most powerful solar flares ever recorded?

How Do Solar Flares Affect People and Earth?

Magnetosphere Guide For Solar Watchers

What happens in a SolarFlare?

Understand Solar Storm levels with NOAA Space Weather Scales:

Magnetosphere Graph Tutorial:

KP Index (Estimated Planetary K-index) Tutorial

Guide to AURORAS

Guide to understanding Sunspot Numbers

Anatomy of Solar Storms & Solar Flares

Some of the most common solar question with the answers :)
Solar Sector Boundary Crossing

Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC)


  1. Please tell me what the "recent hits" refer to on the revolve map of the earth, and thank you.
    Mike Burdic- Facebook or

  2. That shows the general area on the globe from where people are looking at our site. The next time you are on you will notice that one of them is you. :)

  3. why didn't you include the "A" index, here?

  4. why didn't you include the "A" index, here?

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