Monday, January 9, 2012

New Sunspot, Prominence & Flare

   We talked about this yesterday  in the early morning^^

The new Sunspot Region which rotates into view from the east limb gets numbered as 1395 and looks quiet so far

   Sunspot Region 1393 continues to grow and increased in size 100 to 250 millionths, its now a DKI type group

   Solar activity was quiet so far but at 14:56:00 UT a C 1.4 peaks from Sunspot Region 1391
This is important cause this region is now in an Earth facing position

   Also the recurrent coronal hole (CH492) is now in an Earth facing position as you can see.  Weak effects from CH492 could cause a few unsettled intervals on January 12-13

We also made a Vid of all the latest events:


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