Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Increased Chances for M or X Flare

   Sunspot regions 1401 and 1402 are surprising us. Unlike many large sunspot regions before them, they are not fizzing out with flare activity as they turn into a more earth facing position.
Solar Flare Chances as of 01:12 Jan 19th 2012-

Sunspot Region 1401:
60% Chance of M Flare
63% Chance of X Flare

Sunspot Region 1402
52% Chance of M Flare
41% Chance of X Flare
Keep an eye on the Xray flux for a M or X flare



    This spike happened on the downward side of the C-class flare that followed the M-class earlier today.

    Thought this was interesting.


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