Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Southern CME - Solar Update for Jan 18 2012

   With the net blackout going on today, i wanted to do a run down of all around solar activity today.
As of 17:51 UTC:
SDO is Not up and running
STEREO is Not up and running
SOHO is Not up and running
It is unclear at this time if this is due to the net blackout today, or some other issue. Due to this, most real time images on our site will show broken images until these sites are back online.
Update 19:31 utc: The sites are now back up, with the latest images being updated around 15:00.
Solar activity over the last 24hrs has been moderate. There was an eruption at about 13:10 around region 1399 located in the southern region of the solar disk. There was a CME produced, but due to the southern origin of this CME, more data is needed to determine if this CME will have any effects on earth. The solar winds coming from CH493 slowly decayed and are now at 386.3 km/sec.
The X-ray flux has been a bit quiet with the largest flare recorded for Jan 18th being a C2.4 flare located at sunspot region 1401 at 10:30 UTC
Large sunspots 1401 and 1402 developed further and still pose a threat for M flares.

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 Here is what solen reported today about regions 1401 and 1402:
Region 11401 [N17E40] developed further and has polarity intermixing. M class flares are possible. Flares: M1.0/1N at 04:53, C1.4 at 17:19, C2.2 at 18:32 UTC
Region 11402 [N28E42] developed a weak magnetic delta structure in the southeastern part of the largest penumbra. M flares are possible.
We can see magnetic filaments on the northwestern limb
spaceweather reported on these today
"SOLAR PROMINENCE: Today, a network of plasma-filled magnetic filaments is rising over the sun's northwestern limb. Some of the arcs in this Solar Dynamics Observatory image taken during the early hours off Jan. 18th are nearly 500,000 km long"

NOAA Solar Flare Chances For Today:
M Flare - 50%
X Flare - 05%
SDO seems to be having some tech issues with their images.
Im sure there working on this and will have the images back up in no time :)
Check back soon. Updates coming about this today's CME along with a video


  1. Good Morning NiN. Glad to be able to come here to keep up with Solar data while GLP is down. Thanks for being here.

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  3. it get a bit nervous when monitoring sites are down :/
    SOHO, STEREO and SDO are still down

  4. M1.7......."Look'n"

  5. yup! from 1401
    just did a new post on this one ^^


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