Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sundiving comet?Ufo^^? Neither, just Jupiter

   UPDATE 16:50 UT

Hi Everyone,

Some of you may have noticed on the latest Stereo Ahead C2 images the dot coming from  the left side.
We noticed this during the night and we thought also it could be another sundiving comet..^^

But its just Jupiter, we will soon have high resolution data. Some of the moons will be visible then as well.

I got this a couple minutes ago from SungrazerComets. We all remember the hero Comet Lovejoy who survives perihelion and could escape the sun.
Those XRT images were taken with a "thin Al Mesh" filter which has sensitivity from soft x-rays out to EUV, so it's close-ish to SDO's 171A.

Have a watch :


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