Saturday, January 21, 2012

Channel Eruption on West limb - Old Region 1396

  Images show the sunspot region of the latest C 2.4 peaking at 13:42 UTC. Seems its the old region 1396 which rotates off the west limb . After and before this flare peaks, we noticed ejections on SDO.

  Around 10:00 UTC we can see a CME on STEREO A images that match's with the channel eruption on the west limb.

   This channel eruption has caused the filament to it's east to become unstable. We are watching now to see if this causes the filament to lift off from the solar disk. Updates to come...

We noticed another ejection around 12:28 and 14:00 UTC located off the east limb around old Region 1396.


  1. For NiN, IWTB and Tomasgod:

    I'm sure you have already seen the support for your blog here:

    Just wanted to say "way to go"!

  2. yes its great! and thank you :)
    we had posted about it on the blog as well


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