Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Sunspot Region 1391

 The new Region 1391 rotated on the visible solar disc yesterday gets numbered overnight and is now a H type group at 120 millionths

Watch the latest Helioviewer Close Up from this new Sunspot Region:

Sunspot region 1390 reappeared again, Region 1389 which is the largest group decreased in size but magnetically increased to a Beta-Gamma type group again

There is a new Region to the northmid we have to check this the next hours.

ACE solar wind speed increased from about 350 km/s on January 2, 14h UT to about 450 km/s on January 3, 4h UT. The IMF increased from about 5 to 15 nT in the same period. This is probably the effect of a coronal hole high speed wind stream.
Solar activity was quit so far
We had only 3 B Flares but the new Region knows how to say : "hallo" :)

38gev_20120103_01352012/01/03 01:35:0002:20:0001:54:00B9.3S19W62 ( 1386 )
39gev_20120103_03312012/01/03 03:31:0003:38:0003:34:00B6.7S24E11 ( 1389 )
40gev_20120103_04142012/01/03 04:14:0004:27:0004:19:00B8.0N12E85 ( 1391 )


We noticed a CME on Stereo images but if you check now latest Lasco data it appears not to be earth directed.

 There was a Filament eruption near to the new Spot in the northmid

 Helioviewer shows it up:

More to follow!


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