Thursday, January 5, 2012

Solar Activity Update for Jan. 5th 2012 Pt2

Okay finally we have some pretty action,
We had another C Flare, this time from Region 1392
Flare of class C2.1139211:51:0012:38:0013:00:00

but most of interest in this event is a large filament eruption (north) close to this spot!

A mid duration C Flare caused this

Latest SDO AIA 304


and as expected it produced a CME:

Okay SIDC Belgium now reports:
 SIDC - RWC BELGIUM 05 Jan 2012, 0936UT

NOAA region 11390 released a C1.9 flare on January 5, peaking at 07:22 UT. It was accompanied by a Type II radio burst with an estimated shock velocity of 695 km/s. At the time of writing this ursigram (12:30 UT), a flare from NOAA region 11392 is ongoing, has reached C2.1 and is still rising. Solar activity is expected to remain at C flare level. During the last 24 hours, ACE solar wind speed has been steadily decreasing from about 350 km/s to about 300 km/s, while the IMF is stable around 5 nT. Geomagnetic conditions were quiet and will likely remain quiet before the second part of January 6. From that time on, active conditions are possible with a chance for a minor storm due to the expected effects of a high speed wind stream associated with an equatorial coronal hole. 

SolarWatch--2FLARE'S 2EVENT'S--01/05/12 

The Dutch Observatory has some great footage from the prominence on the east limb next to Region 1391. This Region is not that active so it will be very interesting to see the causing of this

Close Up Region 1391 and Prominence


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