Thursday, April 19, 2012

Region 1455 says Good bye

We have a new 7.0 C-Class Solar flare as you can see here on the GOES X-ray Flux chart.

We can confirm the location of this event. Its around the old Region 1455 which rotated off the limb yesterday.

We noticed some ejection on SDO AIA 304 Imagery but due to the location it will probably not geo effective

   Region 1463 get official numbered and is now a  DSO type group at 40 millionths in size
All regions increased in size yesterday, region 1459 increased by 110 millions and region 1460 increased by 120 millionths
Most of interest Region 1463. It shows up  several small magnetic delta structures in the central part of the region. So a M Flare from this Region is possible


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