Friday, April 20, 2012

CME arrival soon and sunspot update

   One new region was numbered overnight; this was region 1464 which is located just to the north of region 1460, and is a BXO type group at 10 millionths in size.

    Region 1459 decayed in size from a EKC group at 250 millionths, to a DSI at 180 millionths.
Most other groups increased slightly in size.
Numerous C class solar flares took place yesterday, the largest was a C7 peaking at 1126z from region 1455 that rotated out of view 2 days ago.
This region produced a large coronal mass ejection that is not Earth directed.
A C1 solar flare from region 1462 also produced a coronal mass ejection that may have an Earthward component. The geomagnetic field is expected to be quiet to active on April 20.
The CME observed on April 18 could reach Earth on April 21, and cause  active conditions through April 22.

 An Aurora watch will be in effect for the next 72 hours.
Here you can link to some Auroral cams:


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