Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rapidly developing Sunspot Region bursts onto the surface.S1576 [N07E23], (1455?)

     Beginning at approximately 19:54UTC on April 10 2012 a new Sunspot Region exploded onto the surface in a spectacular display from new region S1576 [N07E23], having just emerged with an east-west inversion line. This region is not yet numbered by NOAA/SWPC, but it is anticipated that it will be numbered Region 1455 later on today. This new region is shown imaged left by the SDO Magnetogram.  An animated gif of the Magnetogram showing the rapid development of this region is below and can be viewed by clicking on the image. This region will be rotating toward a more Earth  aligned position over the next couple of days increasing the chances of activity from this region becoming geoeffective.

      Quiet to unsettled geomagnetic conditions are expected for April 12 through the 13th as a coronal hole high speed stream becomes geoeffective from CH 512, imaged here on the left in red. Image courtesy of Solen.


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