Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Near M Flare (C8.9) from an unnumbered region

A near M flare a C 8.9 just took place. Peaking at 12:39 UTC.

We can confirm the location of this event.
It a new region which emerged in the last couple hours. The region is close to the new numbered region 1462

A CME can be possible but we have to check more data

Update 17:50 UTC:
The new spot which is still growing in the southwest quadrant (near Region 1462). Fires up every single hour Mid to High Level C-Class flares
Looks harmonic as we can see on the GOES X-ray Flux Chart

We can see now on Stereo Ahead C2 Imagery
The C 8.9 flare was inbounded with a CME.
It looks not that large but its geo-effective as well

Stay tuned


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