Monday, April 16, 2012

M 1.7 Solar flare and Partial halo CME

UPDATE 04/17/2012 16:00 UTC
A few C-class flares and an M-class flare were observed during the past 24 hours. We expect active conditions with C-class and M-class flares possible. An M1.7 flare was observed by GOES on April 16, peaking at 17:40 UT. The flare originated from an active region (Catania 03; old Sunspot 1442/43) which appeared now on the east limb. The accompanying CME propagated with the speed of about 1300 km/s.

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A partial halo CME was observed after the M1 event in region S1592. There's a chance of a flank CME impact on April 19

   Region 1459 increased at a more rapid pace to a FHI group at 260 millionths, making it the largest visible sunspot group

New region S1592 [N12E80](associated to the M1 event) rotated into view at the northeast limb and will be soon numbered 1461. nFurther C class and a slight chance of an M class flare are possible over the coming days

Video shows you the increasing Region 1459:


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