Friday, March 1, 2013

Minor Geomagnetic Storm

The solar wind continues to increase this morning and is now over 500 km/s. The Bz component of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) was tipped sharply south for several hours and a G1 Geomagnetic Storm is currently underway. We expect aurora at very high latitudes!

 Space Weather Alerts and Warnings Timeline

SIDC Belgium reports:
The predicted enhancement of geomagnetic activity is strengthening further than foreseen with K=5 levels now recorded at different locations. We expect the responsible high speed solar wind stream to persist for 1-2 days. 

AuroraMAX Canada
AK Aurora cams(huge list) AuroraLIve(located Alaska)
Earthcam(Aurora; located Reykjavik)

All four numbered sunspot regions remain visible. Regions 1682 and 1683 showed modest growth during the last 24 hours.
 Region 1683 evolved from a 'H' Alpha type group to a DAO Beta type group when new spots appeared and is 150 millionths in size.

No C class solar flares took place yesterday. Only region 1682 and 1683 produced several B class solar flares.
C class solar flares are possible today.

Click here for Kanzelhöhe Observatory (refreshes every 10 seconds).

Colors of Mercury

Image Credit: NASA / JHU Applied Physics Lab / Carnegie Inst. Washington

The colors of the solar system's innermost planet are enhanced in this tantalizing view, based on global image data from the Mercury-orbiting MESSENGER spacecraft. Human eyes would not discern the clear color differences but they are real none the less, indicating distinct chemical, mineralogical, and physical regions across the cratered surface. Notable at the upper right, Mercury's large, circular, tan colored feature known as the Caloris basin was created by an impacting comet or asteroid during the solar system's early years. The ancient basin was subsequently flooded with lava from by volcanic activity, analogous to the formation of the lunar maria. Color contrasts also make the light blue and white young crater rays, material blasted out by recent impacts, easy to follow as they extend across a darker blue, low reflectance terrain.


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