Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Fast Growing Sunspot

   Today, a new fast growing Earth directed sunspot emerged in the Northern region of the solar disk . This new sunspot region will put an end to the 6 day streak of no significant solar flares and the flatlined Xray flux. We should see this new region named sometime today. Any events from this region over the next few days will be Earth directed.

   Here we can see this sunspot region as it appears in the very early hours of today. When we compare this image to the most recent image, shown above, we can see the extreme fast growth of this new sunspot region

Update 17:45 UTC - Feb 20, 2012 :

This new sunspot region was named region 1422 and now holds a chance for M and X class events
We are keeping a close watch on the solar activity & will report immediately with any significant changes.
Keep checking back :)


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