Friday, February 24, 2012

New Coronal Hole Created By Solar Tsunami

Image Credit: Solen
    Early today we reported there was a filament eruption and solar tsunami in the Northeastern region of the solar disk.

What we can see now is a new large Coronal Hole that was created by this solar tsunami. This new Coronal Hole was created  just to the West of where today's filament ejection/solar tsunami was and to the East of sunspot region 1421. As we can see on the images, this new Coronal Hole is quite large.
   Here, we can see what the solar disk looked like before the filament ejection and solar tsunami. Comparing this image to the one above (taken post solar tsunami) we can see where the new large coronal hole was created.
Winds from this new Coronal Hole should reach earth around Feb 26-28

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