Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two new regions numbered and filament lift off

We have two new regions. The first is region 1675, which is a BXO Beta type group at 10 millionths in size. On my thoughts, this region is a larger type group and also in size larger than reported. There may even be a Beta-Gamma developing in the central portion of the group. This region emerged onto the solar disc. The second is region 1676, which is a single spot HAX Alpha type group at 30 millionths in size. This region rotated over the south-east limb. We also have  a couple of other sunspot region which are visible but are not numbered yet.

No C class solar flares took place yesterday, however, one took place peaking at 00:36 UTC from region 1675. Further occasional C class solar flares are possible today.
A geomagnetic disturbance took place yesterday starting at 11:00 UTC . THE  Bz reached minus and plus 11 nanoTeslas.

There was a nice filament lift off in the southern hemisphere.

As a result of this we can see a CME on Stereo Imagery. Due to the location of the source (southern part) it will be not geo effective.


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