Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spectacular Prominence Eruption

Early this morning, a prominence located off the southwest limb erupted.

The Sun spewed out a blob of plasma.

Here you get a close up 

As a result of this we notice a outstanding CME on Soho imagery (Soho Lasco C2 here).

Due to the location of this event (southwest limb),
most of the plasma cloud looks to be heading away from Earth.

Here on Stereo Ahead EUVI we have a very good sight on that prominence eruption.

You may notice the missing data. But anyway you can clearly see the prominence (circled) right before it erupts.

Sunspot regions 1675 and 1676 disappeared yesterday. Only three numbered regions are visible. The most complex is sunspot region 1682 which is a DAC Beta-Gamma type group at 170 millionths in size.
The majority of the B class solar flare activity yesterday took place from region 1682. The largest flare was a B6 peaking at 14:54 UTC.. Only occasional C class solar flares are expected today.  There is  still a very small chance of an M class solar flare from region 1682.
Old region 1678 produced another very large solar flare and CME (coronal mass ejection) yesterday. This region is expected to return into view around the 10th of March.


  1. A beautiful looking Ejection as it appears on C2!

    The way it appears the center of the leading edge and the Filament Plasmas that follow behind look to be riding along the Helmet Streamer is fantastic : )

    Thanks again MSA crew!


  2. Great new edition to MSA with the ENLIL Spiral : )


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