Thursday, June 7, 2012

M2.1 Solar Flare and CME

Sunspot Region 1494 produced an M2.1 s/f peaking at 20:06 UTC on June 6, 2012.  The SDO, Stereo, and SOHO spacecraft confirm  a CME associated with this flare.  Although a large portion of the ejecta from this CME was propelled south of the ecliptic, at this time it appears this CME will have a geomagnetic effect on Earth as it passes in  2-3 days.

 Type II (est. speed 1148 km/s) and Type IV radio sweeps were also emitted with this flare.

In this image of the X-Flux we can see the M2.1 flare as it was recorded by the GOES Satellites.

In this STEREO Ahead C 2 image we clearly see the CME as it is ejected away from the solar disk.  Notice that a large portion of the material is ejected south of the ecliptic away from Earth, but a clearly defined amount of material is also ejected in a full sweep.

In the video below created from SDO Composits of AIA 131, 211, and 335, you can watch this spectacular event unfold as Region 1494 (located south of the ecliptic just right to the center of the disk), unleashes this flare and CME in an Earthward direction.

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  1. thanks again for the awesome reporting , Tomas.

    i wonder: would it be possible to include a link to the CME archive? Isn't it kept on the first page of Nin's thread?

    possible to make an .xls out of it and post on mysolaralerts?

    also, i think noting the angular position of the producing sunspot region (with respect to the earth/sun line) would be good to add to the record. i think it would be interesting to see what percentage of sunspots produce CMEs when at 90 to the sun/earth line: something that Hugh noticed some time ago, if i remember correctly.

    anyway, my research continues and having access to this data really helps.




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