Saturday, May 5, 2012

M1.4 Flare Around New Sunspot Region 1476 - May 5 2012

Update added @ 01:22 UTC May 5 2012:
2 more M flares

Today at 13:23 UTC a M1.4 solar flare occurred around sunspot region 1476. This new sunspot region is located on the far Northeastern limb of the solar disk and is today rotating into a more Earth directed position.  As this region rotates over the Northeast limb, we can see it has a large leading penumbra making more major flares  from 1476 possible. This will bring a rise in the quiet solar activity we have seen over the last few months. We will be keeping a close eye on the solar activity and update you all with any changes or events that occur

Update: Region 1476 produced 2 more M flares
A M1.3 flare peaking @ 23:02 UTC May 05 and a M1.1 flare peaking at 01:18 UTC May 06 
You can view the total M & X flare Count at anytime by viewing our Solar Flare Count page HERE  

   We also have a very large Coronal Hole that is rotating the Earth facing side of the sun right now. The solar winds from this Coronal Hole are expected to arrive on or around May 9th  


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