Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunspots Get Numbered

    We talked about yesterday the new numerous Sunpots on the disc get numbered .
Regions 1399 and 1400 emerged onto the solar disc. Regions 1401 and 1402 rotated over the north-east limb. As we all know this are the ones which produced the latest bigger Flares.
Region 1401 yesterday: C4.1 at 12:09, M1.4 at 13:18, C2.8 at 18:40, C2.1 at 21:54, C1.1 at 23:25 UTC. 1401 seems to be the more active one. 1402 above is the bigger one in size. All other groups shows up some changing in size and structure.
Region 1395 decayed slowly and was quiet. Region 1396 became less complex during the day although there is still weak olarity intermixing (flared yesterday morning C 2.1 03:35 UTC). Region 1397 decayed slowly and was quiet. Region 1398 lost penumbral area and gained a few spots. Region 1399 rotated into view at the southeast limb on January 13 and got an SWPC number the next day. This region flared before it rotated on the disc(noticed that on stereo). Region 1400 emerged in the southeast quadrant on January 13 and was assigned an SWPC number the next day.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Active Regions Incoming + New Sunspots

   Solar Activity Update:
23:30 UT

What a day....
Here is the latest Solar Activity update video :)
We had a M Flare, numerous sunspots emerged and some active regions are  rotating in..and we also have some nice Prominences on the disc!

M1.4 Solar Flare Today From Incoming Region

    We have another long duration event. The flare from the active incoming Region on the east limb is still in pogress as you can see and reached now a M flare!
We have a M 1.4  today peaking at 13:18 UT from the actice incoming Region on the east limb

   This flare ended up topping out at a M1.4


Solar Activity , Flare , Sunspot

    We have a new C 4.1 Flare peaking at 12:09 UT from the active incoming Region on the east limb
There is also another sunspot forming on the south  between Region 1397 and the coronal hole.

But this is not all there is much more of interest
Stay tuned more to follow soon!